About Us

LeMarq was born from many years of equipping the top Pro teams in the world with the best performance apparel.

Today’s amateurs train and ride like pro's, and complete in some exceptionally tough events around the world. However at many events, the event clothing doesn't meet either the functional or design standards of the riders.

As official partner to Haute Route, HotChillee and Human Race, LeMarq specialises in supplying premium quality apparel for the world's hardest and most prestigious amateur events. 

Our products set the highest standards of performance and comfort – they were developed and tested in the world's hardest races, where there can be no compromise day after day, week after week. 

LeMarq uses the latest technologies, proven cuts and the best Italian manufacturing to create both on and off bike clothing worthy of the finest Pro Teams.

3 full ranges are available: the highest level, Ottimo, features the best Pro technologies, fabrics, innovations and cuts. Meglio is designed to meet the tough demands of multi-stage events while the entry-level Buono range is great value without compromising comfort. 

We also appreciate that cycling apparel is not just about performance so for all our event partners, we develop modern fresh designs. 

Designed in London. Made in Italy.